Limited Mass Attendance Directives

Considerations for those participating in Mass

Limited Numbers—Due to the civil recommendations, the number of people who will be able to attend any given Mass will be greatly reduced. The limited public offering of Mass is an outreach to those who may safely attend. It will not satisfy our expectations of regular Mass attendance.

General Dispensation from the Obligation of Attendance at Sunday Liturgy—Has been granted by the Bishop until further notice. The opening of daily Masses provides an opportunity for worship and communion for the faithful to look forward to, as can be offered in charity, and this opportunity should be promoted.

Weigh the Risk—Even with best practices, the risk of infection exists anytime a person leaves their house. Anyone in a higher risk category, or showing any symptoms of illness, should be encouraged to stay home. Participation in livestreamed or recorded Mass along with making a spiritual communion, keeps us in mind of our love of God and neighbor during these troubling times, and is a source of true consolation.

Germ Mitigation—Those who attend Mass should plan to wear a mask or cloth face covering, refrain from unnecessarily touching surfaces, respect social distancing, use hand sanitizer, follow directions for seating in the designated worship space, and observe other safety precautions as needed.

Children—We hope there are families who can attend these limited public Masses with their children. But be sure they bring masks and understand the social distancing needed (families living together don’t need to social distance from each other).

Scheduling Limited Public Mass—The faithful should check with their parish in advance as to when Masses are offered each day and to follow the process for attending Mass. Once the recommended attendance for a particular Mass has been reached, they should be encouraged/given an option for attendance at a Mass at a subsequent time. They should also be encouraged that, while the Sunday obligation had been dispensed, they are most welcome at the daily Masses as they are available.

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