4 Levels of Happiness

The Four Levels of HappinessTM  was developed by Fr Robert Spitzer, SJ, as he was writing his book Finding True Happiness.  His intention was to have participants reflect upon their own happiness, and its sources, with the intention of living at a deeper and more satisfying level of happiness (we Catholics would call this Joy at the higher levels, especially Level 3 and 4).  Bishop Berg decided to use this program as the foundation of his response to the Parish Listening Sessions, and to provide a common vocabulary for all of us to live by in our homes, parishes, deaneries, and ultimately the entire Diocese.  To date, over 2500 people have gone through this program, to the delight of many of them.  Having this common vocabulary as a guide for all of our choices, large and small, allows us to be ‘on the same page’ in all our interactions.  Soon, we begin to see how Jesus lived completely at Level 4, and we want to imitate him.  We begin to recognize our own transcendent nature, choose to live above the line in all our interactions, and can recognize our lower responses to episodes in our life and move our responses back above the line to Levels 3 &4.

This At-Home Course

During this time of the pandemic, we are unable to gather in groups larger than 10.  Bishop Berg decided to make this course available online, so that we might use some of the ‘extra’ time that is a hidden blessing of this period for Spiritual Growth.  Since we are unable to gather as a group to explore this life changing program, we have the opportunity to engage it at home with a spouse, neighbor, or children (keeping your 6 ft social distancing of course!).  This can be an effective introduction to the program, and may be an incentive to attend a Parish presentation when they begin again after the pandemic recedes.

4 Levels of Happiness Invitation

Schedule of Releases

  • Introduction to the course & description of background and materials   APRIL 16
  • Level One explained     APRIL 21
  • Level Two explained     APRIL 23
  • Level Three explained   APRIL 28
  • Level Four explained     APRIL 30
  • Conclusion, Strategic Initiative connections (Intentional Discipleship, Amazing Parish Project, The Little Way)  MAY 7


Session 1

Introduction to the 4 Levels of Happiness, Part 1 video (22:51)

Introduction to the 4 Levels of Happiness, Part 2 video (25:47)

Homework to complete before Session 2:

Session 2

Level 1 of Happiness Explained video (27:22)


Session 3

Level 2 of Happiness Explained video (28:17)


Session 4

Level 3 of Happiness Explained video (35:04)


Session 5

Level 4 of Happiness Explained video (31:47)

Diocesan Convocation

Session 6


We ask that you register for the course.  This allows us to get you the materials for the course which to be used throughout the presentation.  These consist of a 12 page pamphlet and several cards.  It is very easy to deliver these to you by email (and free), but if you do not have email access we are happy to send them by mail.  Please select the preferred means of delivery at the end of your registration.  We will get the materials to you as quickly as possible, so that you will have them on hand to begin the course.

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