Sin and Redemption

Where do you find brokenness in your life? 

How have you tried to find a way out of the pain? 

A GOOD PARENT will tell a child what to watch out for because it is dangerous.  If the child does not listen, goes ahead, and does that thing, ending up getting hurt, is the parent physically hurt?  No.  Does caring for the wound cause the parent to contract the same injury?  Of course not.  Is the heart of the parent moved toward the child?  Absolutely! 

Ultimately, what does a loving parent want for a child, more than health, happiness, a family bond, and a mighty purpose in life?! 

“Can a mother forget her infant, be without tenderness for the child of her womb?  Even should she forget, I will never forget you.  See, upon the palms of my hands I have engraved you…” 

Isaiah 49:15 

The Fall into SIN leaves us trapped under the rubble of something gone terribly wrong.  REDEMPTION is everything the Heavenly Father does to rescue His buried child. 

What’s the best way for us to understand what sin is? 

  • It is the rejection of Love (God’s love for us and our call to love others) 
  • It is a lack of trust in His goodness, and the refusal of His help 
  • It is a self-contradiction, going against who we are authentically 
  • It is following those paths that lead away from God 
  • It is a disassociation from the life that is intended for us 
  • It blocks and attacks God’s desire for our true joy 
  • It leaves us cold, lonely, and starving for meaning 
  • It tells us we are unworthy, worthless, helpless 
  • It convinces us that we must take things for ourselves 
  • It is knowing that something is “off”, but not quite sure what
  • It is listening to, believing, an acting on lies 

Here’s the thing, when we sin and get off track, we feel ashamed, but it’s kind of like a warning light on our car.  It means we need Jesus to take care of what’s wrong.  And the best part, for those of us who feel that God is too holy and clean to touch us, remember this: when Jesus heals someone, their woundedness does not taint him.  Rather, His blessing passes into the person because the blessing is stronger than the disease! 

Another way to look at it, sin is like grabbing onto a high voltage fence, which knocks us flat and shorts our circuits, leaving us feeling fried.  We keep doing it, though, which is curious.  What are we searching for beyond that fence?  And what is the way to get there?  This is exactly why God wants to have a relationship with us, because He has the answers to both of those questions! 

Still not convinced?  Just watch what happens with Mary of Magdala on episode 1 of The Chosen

In life we go forward tentatively, uncertainly, like a toddler who takes a few steps and falls; a few steps more and falls again, yet each time his father puts him back on his feet. 

The hand that always puts us back on our feet is mercy: God knows that without mercy we will remain on the ground, that in order to keep walking, we need to be put back on our feet.

You may object: “But I keep falling!”  The Lord knows this, and he is always ready to raise you up.  He does not want us to keep thinking about our failings; rather, he wants us to look to him.  

For when we fall, he sees children needing to be put back on their feet; in our failings he sees children in need of his merciful love.

Pope Francis

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