Living The Little Way

Do you want to live life to the full? Follow Thérèse into the way of love. There you will discover a most extreme human truth, “The glory of God is man fully alive.” (St. Irenaeus)

Bishop Stephen Berg (in January, 2020, edition of Awaken Magazine)

What is the Little Way?

First, I admit and accept that “I cannot overcome the trials of life and become who I am meant to be, on my own.” 

Second, with total confidence in His merciful love for me, I pray: “Jesus, please come and help me by making all things possible.” 

When these two actions become the spiritual air that I daily breathe, then I am living The Little Way.

How do I live the Little Way?

The Little Way in a Nutshell

How is the Little Way like Spiritual Judo?

Awaken Magazine, Winter 2020

The Little Way Information Kit

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