For the Poor

If they would increase their capacity to receive so great a guest, they should practice greater generosity in doing good, with persevering charity. …

Let us now extend to the poor and those afflicted in different ways a more open-handed generosity, so that God may be thanked through many voices and the relief of the needy supported by our fasting. No act of devotion on the part of the faithful gives God more pleasure than that which is lavished on his poor. Where he finds charity with its loving concern, there he recognizes the reflection of his own fatherly care.

In these acts of giving do not fear a lack of means. A generous spirit is itself great wealth. There can be no shortage of material for generosity where it is Christ who feeds and Christ who is fed. In all this activity there is present the hand of him who multiplies the bread by breaking it, and increasing it by giving it away.

The giver of alms should be free from anxiety and full of joy.

– St. Leo the Great, pope

How can the poor help?

Pray – “This poor one cried out and the Lord heard” (Psalm 34:7)

  • pray and offer your sufferings for the world and for people to get closer to God during this time
  • pray and offer your sufferings for those who are ill with the COVID-19 virus
  • pray and offer your suffering for those who have died from the COVID-19 virus
  • pray and offer your sufferings for Bishop Berg and our priests and deacons that they will be able to minister to the people in the best possible way
  • pray and offer your sufferings for the people of the diocese who are separated from the sacraments at this time
  • pray and offer your sufferings for the people of the diocese (clergy, religious, and laity) to come out of this time of trial and testing more closely united to Jesus, true missionary disciples bearing our Savior to all those they meet

Make a difference where you can

Outreach to the Poor

Click here to connect with Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pueblo.

To Donate

Look through your pantry and donate especially these items:

Canned Goods (especially green beans, corn)Toilet Paper
DiapersPaper Plates & Napkins
Paper TowelsLaundry and Dish Soap
Dairy Items (Milk and Cheese)Tortillas and Bread
EggsClorox Wipes
Adult underwear-Medium and LargeHand Sanitizer
SocksDVD’s  (PG-13 or G)
Soap and ShampooToothpaste/Toothbrushes
Cardboard Boxes for food deliveryFeminine hygiene products
Plastic bags (quarts and gallon size)Gloves
Thermometers Bleach
Monetary donations for special itemsRolls of quarters for Laundry

Call ahead to make donations:

La Puente in Alamosa    (719-589-5909)

Pueblo Rescue Mission  (719-924-8413)

Grand Valley Outreach   (970-241-3658)

Pueblo Soup Kitchen      (719-545-6540)

Posada in Pueblo            (719-924-8413)

OR any local Food Shelf, Shelter, or Soup Kitchen!

Click here for more ideas on practical actions you can take to help.

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