Sunday Experience at Home

How can I live Sunday as a Catholic without being able to physically attend Mass?

The Sunday Catholic Experience at Home

Fr. Carl Wertin, 3/20/20

            Our hearts long to be nourished by Christ in the Sacrament of Holy Communion! They also long for His presence in the community that is the Mystical Body of Christ in which we usually have the grace of joining on Sundays. What should we do when these gifts are temporarily unavailable for the protection of our physical health, which God wants as much as our spiritual health? The following thoughts are to help people form some sort of Sunday experience of prayer, community, and union with Christ on Sundays during this time.

            Growing up in Lamar, we would go to mass as a family on Saturday evening, eat dinner together afterwards, then go to religious education on Sunday morning, spend as much time as possible outside at the lakes or in the front yard, and enjoy each others’ company for the remainder of the day before doing homework at the last moment! I look back on those days with joy. The Sunday schedule for me was so helpful to start another week with the Lord. Click here for an article that speaks to this. I will also offer below an example of how you can schedule how to pray and unite with the Lord and His Church this coming Sunday!

Sunday: Home Prayer Schedule Example

8am     Breakfast

9am     Read the reading for the day: USCCB Daily Readings or pray a Rosary.

9:30am            Visit your parish just to be close to the Blessed Sacrament, even if you cannot go inside. Spend a few moments praying in your car in the parking lot.

10am   Discuss with a family member or friend in person or via phone call your thoughts about the readings of the day or the video that you watched.

11am   Watch an online mass, make spiritual act of communion. *shift schedule to fit the time that live stream masses are available

12pm   Lunch

1pm     Go outside (take a walk, sit on front porch, take a drive) and contemplate God’s presence in the beauty of creation

3pm     Pray a Chaplet of Divine Mercy

3:30pm    Religious Education: Watch a religious movie from your home or a video on Create an account or find out the log-in code from your parish.

4pm     Family activity, or individual activity (coloring sheets, puzzle, etc.) Click here for some ideas.

6pm     Dinner

7pm     Set up prayer space, if you don’t have one.

8pm     Pray – options: meditation, examen, personal prayer, lectio divina, holy hour.

9pm     Rest

            Catholics throughout history have been guided by the Lord through underground churches, persecution, immigration, and other limitations that have forced them to seek union with the Lord in uncommon ways. This schedule is not intended to be strictly followed. However, it could serve as a jumping point for creating your own version of what will work for your own circumstances. In this time, we join in solidarity with others and offer our suffering/sacrifice for those experiencing the worst impact of the COVID-19 virus.

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