Pray with the Diocese

Novena to the Holy Spirit

We will pray this novena as a diocese each day from May 22 until May 30, asking God that:

  • that our diocese would be completely renewed by the Holy Spirit.
  • that our parishes would be completely renewed by the Holy Spirit.
  • that our clergy would be completely renewed by the Holy Spirit.
  • that every Catholic in our territory would be completely renewed by the Holy Spirit.
  • that everyone in our territory would be completely renewed by the Holy Spirit.
  • that we will refuse to go back to “Egypt” (those old ways that were not serving well), but follow God’s lead through this desert into a new and better reality, and
  • that everyone praying this novena will choose to be part of the solution!

O Holy Spirit, Soul of my soul, I adore You, I love You, I praise You, and I thank You. Please enlighten, guide, strengthen, and console me; inspire me what I ought to do, and command me to do it. I promise to be submissive in everything that You permit to happen to me; only show me Your holy will, and fill me with Your grace and Your love to refuse You nothing, no matter how difficult it may be. Teach me how to pray. Grant me the grace to pray with unlimited confidence of being heard, according to God’s holy will. Give me true humility of heart. Increase and strengthen my faith in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. I consecrate myself unreservedly to You, through Mary, Your Immaculate Spouse. I place all my trust in You. Help me to make You better known and loved throughout the world! Amen.

Novena al Espíritu Santo

Rezaremos esta novena como diócesis todos los días desde el 22 de mayo hasta el 30 de mayo, pidiéndole a Dios que:

  • Que nuestra diócesis sería completamente renovada por el Espíritu Santo.
  • Que nuestras parroquias serían completamente renovadas por el Espíritu Santo.
  • Que cada uno de nosotros seamos completamente renovado por el Espíritu Santo.

O Espíritu Santo, alma de mi alma, te adoro, te amo, te alabo y te doy gracias. Por favor, ilumine, guíe, fortaleza y consuéleme; Inspírame lo que debo hacer y manda que lo haga. Prometo ser sumiso en todo lo que permites que me pase; solo muéstrame tu santa voluntad, y lléname con tu gracia y tu amor para no rechazarte nada, por difícil que sea. Enséñame a rezar. Concédeme la gracia de orar con una confianza ilimitada de ser escuchado, de acuerdo con la santa voluntad de Dios. Dame la verdadera humildad de corazón. Aumentar y fortalecer mi fe en la Presencia Real de Jesús en la Sagrada Eucaristía. Me consagro sin reservas a Ti, a través de María, tu Inmaculada Esposa. Pongo toda mi confianza en ti. ¡Ayúdame a hacerte más conocido y amado en todo el mundo! Amén.

Become an intercessor for the Diocese of Pueblo

If you would like to pray on a regular basis for specific intentions of the Diocese of Pueblo, please email Dr. Seth Wright at with the Subject line “Intercessor Group” and ask to be signed up as an intercessor. Intentions and prayers will be sent to you periodically by email.

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